Oral Presentation Guideline

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Important Notes

1.1 Presentation Slides

  • All presentation slides to be submitted to the secretariat by Tuesday, 18 July 2017, 5.00pm GMT +8
  • To avoid font issues, it is best to save your PowerPoint or PDF presentation with all fonts embedded).  All slides to be in 16:9 format.
  • You are required to be present at 8:30am (for morning session) or 12pm (for afternoon session) on your presentation date.  Kindly make sure you are at your presentation venue 10 minutes before your presentation time.
  • For any update or revision to your presentation slides, please approach the presenters’ desk for assistance.
  • Presenters who failed to submit presentation slides by the stipulated date, you are required to bring along your thumb drive with your final presentation slides to the presenters’ desk upon arrival.

Format your filename as <Day>_<Time>_<First Name> <Last Name>

E.g. 1_1300_Margaret Tee

*NOTE: Please save your file as PPT format (.pptx) and any video or animation need to be embedded.


1.2 Time-Keeping

Total duration including Q&A and speaker changeover is 15 minutes for each invited/contributed talk and up to 30 minutes for each keynote/plenary talk. Please refer to the Final Programme for actual presentation schedules. Please note that when the “3 mins” card is flashed, this means you have only 3 minutes left. When the “X” card is flashed, time is up.


1.3 Technical Equipment

In each room, only the following equipment will be provided:

  1. Laptop (window based. For Macintosh users, kindly bring your own adaptor and/or VGA cable)
  2. LCD projector / projection screen
  3. Podium Microphone
  4. Clicker cum Laser pointer

Speakers who prefer to use their own laptop must inform the secretariat (Olivia Foo) by Tuesday, 18 July 2017.  Please note to bring along necessary cables and adaptors if own laptop is a Mac or tablet.