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Committee Members

Andrew Utada
University of Tsukuba, Japan

Scott Fan
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Lingling Shui
South China Normal University, China

David Quere
ESPCI, France

Hongkai Wu
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China

Saif Khan
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Chia-Hung Chen
National University of Singapore, Singapore


Droplets are of importance for many natural phenomena as well as for a broad variety of industrial processes. With the advances in microfabrication and visualization, droplet formation, mixing, manipulation, transport can be controlled with unprecedented precision. For example, in the closed-channel, droplets can be programmed with other liquids or units to impart complicated functions including screening, detection and drug delivery. In the open space, inspired by many intriguing phenomenon in nature, droplets can be controlled to achieve performances which are not available using the traditional design. Essential to these important functions and applications is the fundamental understanding and control of surface structure, chemistry and treatment. The aim of this special session is to bring together researchers in the general area of droplets to exchange the latest development in this multidisciplinary and emerging field: from closed-channel droplet microfluidics to open-space droplet dynamics, from the fundamental interfacial science to applied techniques.

Important features

  • Droplet manipulation
  • Bio-mimic surface
  • Soft condensed matter
  • Continuous flow microfluidic process
  • High throughput screening

International Speakers

Liqiu Wang

The University of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong

Chang-Soo Lee

Chungnam National University,
South Korea

Chaoyong Yang

Xiamen University,

Chia-Hung Chen

National University of Singapore,

Yanlin Song

Chinese Academy of Science,

Antonio Tricoli

Australian National University,

Anderson Shum

The University of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong

Liangyin Chu

Sichuan University,